Below are descriptions of the services that I offer.



This service is generally recommended to be done every 6 months. For more information, including some piano manufacturers' recommendations, see the Piano Technician's Guild article linked to above about how frequently to tune a piano.


Is your piano sounding a bit "honky tonk"? Over time, the tone changes as the felt hammers become hardened due to compaction of the felt. This happens because the hammers are constantly striking the strings, often very hard. The voicing process is picking and loosening the felt, reshaping and creating a softer hammer, which in turn produces a more pleasant and rich tone. Follow the link if you are interested in learning more about the voicing process.


The adjustment of the keyboard and action components is called regulation. This adjustment includes evening the weight and responsiveness of the keys throughout the piano.

Of these services, tuning is the most often required, as it is essential that a piano is maintained at pitch.

Service Pricing

All pricing is subject to change on a case to case basis. It all very much depends on the job. These prices are a rough estimate.

Tuning - $120

Voicing - Pricing varies depending on the job.

Regulation - Pricing varies depending on the job.

Player Piano Repair

I recently repaired a family members player piano, which had not worked in years.