Thanks for checking out my page. Below is some information about me.


I first became interested in pianos at about 5 years of age. My parents told me that whenever we as a family would go to friends homes I would disappear and find their piano and pick out melodies that I was familiar with. They eventually got me piano lessons when I was around 9 and found a piano for me. This was an old upright in a ladies basement and said if you can get that heavy thing out you can have it for free. It was an awful pepto bismol pink color so my father painted it beige. Several years later I decided to restore it and went to work. I think I removed around 15 coats of paint from pink, blue, black, and others until I got down to the natural poplar wood. Getting all the paint out of all the carving on the front of the piano was tedious, but a labor I loved. When I got the paint off the fallboard and found the decal I discovered I had a Baldwin. Yay! I mixed a beautiful cherry stain and now have a lovely cabinet. I replaced the wooden knobs with crystal and I put brass beauty rings behind them. Next came new keytops, new hammers, felts, springs, and straps and I have a piano that is just beautiful inside and out with a gorgeous tone.

This is my baby:


Throughout the years of playing I have performed in clubs, accompanied choirs and singers, played the piano and organ for churches and played for musical play rehearsals and in their orchestra. I have also been a keyboardist for a few bands. Music is definitely deep within my blood as I also have written and arranged music for piano and for choirs, some of which are published works. I also studied music at Brigham Young University on a voice scholarship where I learned music acoustics, theory and ear training which I use extensively when tuning a piano.

Now I use all I learned at University, completely restoring my own piano and over 20 years of experience, to help you have a piano you will fall in love with all over again.